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Eye Care in Pasadena

Texas State Optical has locations all across Texas and the great Southwest. We're pleased you want to learn more about our practice. At TSO we combine the latest technology and years of experience to give you thorough eye examinations and fashionable, affordable contact lenses and eyeglasses. We know what you're looking for and our Optometrist and eye care professionals are ready and willing to help you see and look your best.

Texas State Optical has been taking care of the eyes of Texas since 1936. We are proud to be part of the TSO family which is built on a foundation of patient focused care and quality products that stand the test of time. Our Eye Doctor and experienced Opticians continue to support these core values that have remained unchanged throughout the years.

Looking for the best optometrist in Pasadena, TX?

We have enjoyed building relationships with many of our patients and many times, entire families choose TSO Pasadena for all their vision needs. There's no greater satisfaction for an eye doctor than to provide vision care for a grandmother, son and granddaughter from the same family.

If it's time now for your annual eye exam, or if a vision problem is causing you concern, contact our office. We are sincerely committed to our patients and appreciate the fact that they come back to see us.


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