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Patty T.

Patient Services

Patty is our Optometric Assistant. Contributing great customer service, Patty has a very positive attitude and can speak Spanish and English adeptly. She has over 6 years of Ophthalmology Assistant experience and has been with our team for over 6 months now. She went to school for a Medical Assistant and did her internship at Ophthalmic Consultants of Texas where she was offered a job and stayed with that company for 6 1/2 years. While working at that office, she worked alongside the O.D. and Retina Specialist. She hopes one day to get her Certification for C.O.A and return back to Ophthalmology. What Patty enjoys most about her job is knowing that her previous and present work skills can help improve the vision of their patients today. Patty and her co-workers provide awesome team work! She is able to give more detailed exams; Medical, routine, Cataract post-op, etc. One of Patty's proudest accomplishments is when the Doctor as well as she were treating a patient with a retinal detachment, glaucoma, who only could see hand motion and only knew her voice. She won't forget the day this patient had surgery, removing the bandages from her eyes and the patient crying because she was able to see Patty's face. This was a day to remember and a day to never forget. In her spare time, Patty loves to spend time with her family and her grandson Grayson. She absolutely enjoys Church on Sunday's. Some of her other interests and hobbies outside of the office include going shopping, listening to music and going to the movies with her family. One of her favorite childhood memories is when Saturday's would roll around; she spent those days at her grandmothers. “You’re either going to sink or swim.” would have to be her all-time favorite quote.

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